Casualty Investigations

Braemar are a leading provider of casualty investigations for the Hull & Machinery and P&I Insurance market.

We provide the right balance of mariners and engineers to investigate and report on damage claims in relation to Main & Auxiliary Engines; Turbochargers; Boilers; Gear boxes & Clutches; Alternators & Switchboards;  Propeller, Shaft, Thrusters & Pods; Keel & Rudder;  Outer, Inner Shell Plating, Deck Plating,  Railings, Coamings & Hatches; Bulkhead, Stanchions, Frames & Beams; Accommodation, Bridge and Associated Equipment and Controls; sustained during Loading, Offloading during a Voyage, in transit, when in Laid up  or standing by.

Other areas of activity within Marine Casualty: